Feasibility Reports

Feasibility Reports

Successful green-lighting of a project is heavily dependent on an analysis of the viability and practicality of the proposal. Almondz has proven expertise in preparing Feasibility Reports and Detailed Project Reports (DPR). With data-backed due-diligence we assist clients in identifying the opportunities and risks of a proposed infrastructure project. Our detailed DPR reports are packed with actionable insights that help clients identify all the potential challenges that could arise upon execution of the project. The Almondz consultants follow a comprehensive approach using the latest analytical technologies to give clients an objective evaluation of their project.

DPR Report

  • Preliminary Engineering

    An in-depth analysis of product/service offerings of the business and delivery mechanisms.

  • Market Feasibility

    A projection for future market potential based on an analysis of current industry climate, competition and sales estimation.

  • Technical Feasibility

    A focussed analysis of the human, material, technological and logistical needs of the business.

  • Financial Feasibility

    A projection of the financial capital required to begin and sustain operations, avenues for funding and the potential ROI.

  • Organisational Feasibility

    Corporate and legal framework of the enterprise to meet all regulatory requirements.

Almondz has prepared gainful DPR and Feasibility reports for clients across Industries. Our reports are comprehensive and answer all the questions that are likely to arise at the time of project appraisals.

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