GIS Mapping + Drone Survey

GIS Mapping + Drone Survey

Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) are the most technologically advanced tools that are being used today to carry out topographical surveys for infrastructure projects. It produces high quality imagery that can be used to identify locational & terrain advantages and risks of the project. Drone surveys can be carried out in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional surveying methods, thus saving developers time, costs and human efforts. Drone equipped with downwards facing sensors, RGB/multi spectral cameras and LIDAR payloads have the ability to capture the site from different angles while geo-tagging each image.

Our infrastructure consultants, engineers and geo-scientists use the data produced to create high definition maps and layouts using custom built GIS products and systems. These have been tailored for integration with industry standard softwares such as GPS and CAD. These are essential for all stages of project execution. We provide our clients with a technical advantage for their architectural and management requirements resulting in increased accuracy when used for database design, map production/analysis, 3D modelling/visualisation.

Almondz GIS Data Services

  • Digital Photogrammetry Services
  • Digitization

  • Remote Sensing

  • 3D Building
  • Indoor Mapping

  • Navigation

  • Survey

  • Municipal GIS

  • Cadastral Mapping

  • Parcel mapping

  • GIS Data Capture

  • Pole Loading
  • LiDAR Data Processing Services
  • Viewshed Analysis

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