IT Networking

IT Networking

An integrated and functional IT network is essential for enterprises to achieve their full potential in today’s technology driven market landscape. As network solution company Almondz offers comprehensive, turnkey solutions in Network Integration and IT enabled services. Our in-house experts are certified to design, build and maintain high-performing networks and structured cabling systems that serve your complex and critical needs. We work as a IT support system for your business, managing technical issues, compliances and documentation as required. In addition to building networks from the ground up, our consultants also help you upgrade existing networks to technologies that ensure increased productivity. With a certified team of security experts who empower us to build safe networks that are insulated from data breaches. We focus on building sustainable networks that are cost-effective and contribute towards achieving strategic goals.

Almondz follows a four step approach to building high performance networks.


Network Assessment

Beginning with network assessment that measures the current performance and security levels of your IT infrastructure. This enables us to identify gaps, redundancies, threats and opportunities.


LAN/WAN Optimisation

Post assessment, our consultants design delivery focussed WAN/LAN network solution that meets your current requirements and is capable of scaling up and adapting to increased workloads as you expand.


Network Devices

With a WAN/LAN network in place, we help you integrate devices that support higher output, enabling the company to reach higher operational efficiencies.


Application Delivery Controls (ADC)

We ensure smooth network operations by inserting a Application Delivery Controller (ADC) at strategic points. It secures data centres, and takes the pressure off web servers while simultaneously enhancing application performance.

Networking Services

  • Routing &
  • Security Appliances
    & Firewalls
  • WAN
  • VoIP & Unified
  • Wireless

  • IPsec &
  • Quality of
    Service (QoS)
  • Cisco

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Meet our Experts
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