Insolvency & Stressed Assets Recovery

Insolvency & Stressed Asset Recovery

Almondz is a premier consultancy provider for Insolvency and Assets recovery in India. Our advisors are trained professionals that approach each enterprises with independence and objectivity. Clients typically engage our services when facing distress situations caused due to financial and operational issues or for acquisition of a stressed asset under Insolvency. With a proactive approach, our advisors help create and execute viable acquisition strategy or a turnaround plans for your enterprise. We understand that each situation is unique to the specific business, with industry specific conditions being contributing factors. Almondz is dedicated to providing our clients and their stakeholders with the widest possible range of options for an equitable resolution.

Stresses Asset Advisory

Our solutions go beyond operational and financial restructuring, we have specialists for ancillary services such as real estate advisory, pension advisory services and tax restructuring. Clients engage Almondz to provide support services during stress period to provide actionable insights and interim leadership at the management and board level. A strong network of corporate clients across industries has empowered Almondz with demonstrable expertise to help clients stabilise operations in a time efficient manner.

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Meet our Experts
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