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IT Security Assessment Services

At Almondz we understand that as an enterprise driven by technology, securing your data and software is a constant concern. Almondz provides end-to-end IT Security Solutions, empowering your enterprise to harness the infinite potential of technology. By securing your networks, data and software you are taking a step towards securing the future of your business. We are providing you with a specialized team IT experts who specialize in the diverse aspects of Cyber Security. Your Almondz consultant will work with you every step of the way and help diagnose and analyze and eliminate risks by offering customized solutions that are both cost effective and impactful.

At Almondz we believe "Your Data Is Your Organization" and our team will fully dedicate themselves to help you secure it with the very latest technologies available. Our success is only possible when our clients Succeed, and hence we aim for a high Standard of Excellence. We are committed to Cost Effective services and solutions that have the scope for Easy Customizations.

We provide comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions across industries.

  • HealthCare

  • Banking & Capital
  • Insurance

  • Consumer
  • Energy
  • Technology &
  • Payment
  • Manufacturing &
  • Travel &
  • Public

    Application Security

    We offer specialized advisory services for every aspect of your business. Our advisors ensure the elimination of vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure at every step. Most business process are centered around web-based applications, while being indispensable, they are rich targets for cyber-criminals. Our Cybersecurity consultants will work with you to actively identify and eliminate such vulnerabilities. Our team consisting of Certified Penetration Professionals provide custom-built cost effective solutions for web application security testing and website security testing. We follow a systemized process that uses an array of OSNIT (Open Source Intelligence) tools and techniques to secure your enterprise by eliminating vulnerabilities.

    • Services

    • Vulnerability Assessment

    • Penetration

    • Cloud Security Assessment

    • Mobile Security Assessment

    • IoT Device Security Assessment

    Governance Risk & Compliance

    The absence of a solid cyber security infrastructure poses a threat to the very existence of your business. Our IT Security experts put in place safeguards and policy structures that meets all the compliance needs of your industry. We work within the ISO27001 framework, which empowers your business to meet the international cyber security standards and offers an unparalleled competitive advantage. We offer several targeted compliance audits (SEBI, AADHAR, RBI) which help you build client and consumer confidence and expand your operations to offer better services with a competitive advantage.

Services Offered
  • Audit
  • RBI Compliance Audit
  • IRDA ISNP Audit
  • SEBI Compliance Audit
  • AADHAAR Compliance Audit
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • SOC Type 1/2/3 Compliance Audit
  • Cybersecurity Audit

    Data Privacy

    Data privacy risks are the biggest challenge that businesses have to navigate, given the ever increasing awareness of the consequences of personal data collection, storage and usage. As your business grows, there is an increased probability of the high-magnitude data breaches. For mid-sized interpreted that are focused on growing service offerings, cyber security against data leak vulnerabilities can often overwhelm your in-house IT teams. Almondz Cyber security experts employ the best techniques used globally provide you customized comprehensive data privacy and security solutions. Our certified experts being with an audit of your most pressing vulnerabilities and then build a sustainable framework to thwart all incoming risks.

    Services Offered

    • Data

    • Gap

    • Cyber

    • Cloud

    • Risk Assessment
      & Framework


    We specialize in automating the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Our purpose and intent is to build on the mindset that everyone is responsible for security with the goal of safely distributing security decisions at speed and scale to those who hold the highest level of context without sacrificing the safety required. DEVSOCOPS refers to the processes that span security procedures employed throughout the SDLC. This essential is a pre-requisite that process enriches the longevity of the software being developed and drastically cuts down on security costs when it is deployed giving it a longer lifespan. Almondz security experts get on board in the very beginning of the development stage and integrate control and regulatory applications helping your IT team create a product with impenetrable cyber security walls. They build in management technique, automation and configuration management for a seamless transition for deployment. Apart from considerable financial benefits, DEVSECOPS enable quicker restoration in case of a breach, provide for a smoother upgrade framework and create efficient auditing systems.

    Our DevSecOps culture is based on openness, transparency, and rapid action. Our security professionals play an active role in securing the DevOps system right from the beginning.

  • Code Analysis

    We deliver the code in small chunks so that any vulnerability in the code can be easily detected.

  • Change Management

    To ensure increased speed and efficiency - we allow anyone to submit changes, and then determine whether the change is good or not.

  • Compliance Monitoring

    Checking if the organization is compliant with the regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) so that you are ready for audit any time.

  • Threat Investigation

    Identifying emerging threats with each code update so that we can quickly respond and mitigate them.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Using code analysis to quickly identify new vulnerabilities and analyzing how quickly you can respond to them.

  • Security Training

    Training IT engineers in security and equip them with the guidelines for set routines.

    Virtual Services

    A full time, in-house Certified Cyber Security team can be financially and logistically daunting for businesses. That’s where we step in. We can protect your organisation at the same level you would expect from a full-time chief information security officer through our Virtual CISO service without the steep investment of executive compensation and their associated benefits package. Our experts will be available to you every step of the way, offering advise and executable strategies to meet your dynamic IT Security needs.

    Security Leadership

    Our experienced team of ethical hackers have identified security vulnerabilities across numerable platforms. We have assembled a team of highly qualified security researchers with credentials including Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, (CISSP), OSCP, PCI DSS experts, CCNA, CCNP,CEH, CHFI, Certified ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017 and 27018, ISO 31000, TOGAF, Prince2, ITIL, COBIT, Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP, CIPM) and a Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) from International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP),

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