Manpower Recruitment

Manpower Recruitment

At Almondz, we not only provide recruitment consultancy service to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to advance their careers. We help our clients recruit and retain the best candidates. Our comprehensive recruitment solutions as HR consultant ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for your workforce requirements.

Recruitment Process

We have adopted the practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market. We provide our clients with just not only a set of candidates, but also multiple options for best-fit market availability and comparative benchmarking.

Our Recruitment Process can be categorized in three phases, namely:
Planning – Structure, Focus, Identity, Prepare
Implementation – Contact, Motivate, Evaluate
Closure – Select, Offer, Candidate Joining

At Almondz, we follow a carefully structured selection process, which begins with understanding the clients' range of operations and needs all the way to follow-ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment. A brief description of the different stages involved in our recruitment process is given below: -

In the planning stage, we evaluate the needs and requirements of our clients to determine the required set of skills, understand organisational behavior and relationships. Working as a cohesive team with our client, we identify the required experience and other characteristics, which are necessary for the successful candidate.

We select those candidates, who fit in well with the company's plan. In order to find the suitable candidate we give prime consideration to the company's existing business activities, business plans, work-culture, structures, systems and future plans. We concentrate on the job description, its key result areas, opportunities, career implications, location, salary and benefits.

The initial planning enables us to identify the needs of both the company as well as the candidates, which further guides our search strategy to target specific skills, education, personality and experience.

Mapping Exercise

During the mapping exercise, we performing industry specific desk and field research on the company and relevant people to identify key competencies. It includes job title, principal accountabilities, key result areas (KRAs), authority to be invested external / internal contacts, reporting procedures and supervisory relationships, working conditions / environment, job specifications, compensation package, location and other necessary details.

Long List Generation

The Field research provides us a long list of qualified candidates, who might be suitable for the position. After the first list in compiled, we refine the search to identify the suitable candidates either from our own exhaustive database or by advertising for the position. The implementation stage consists of several phases including, preliminary interviews, short listing of candidates, informal reference checks, client interviews and formal reference checks.

Preliminary Interviews

For preliminary interviews, we select the potential candidates on the basis of prior work experience, qualifications, strength and weaknesses and the ability of candidate to fit into the work-culture and ethics of the client organisation. The potential candidates are contacted and interviews will be conducted to find out their interest and suitability. We deploy the necessary expert assessment after the screening of candidates by drawing up competency profiles through our innovative proprietary platform. During this phase, our consultants keep on updating the client of the progress achieved.

Short List Generation

The preliminary interviews gives us a short-listing of highly qualified candidates. Confidential reports are generally prepared and submitted in writing to our clients on four or five individuals, who fulfil the requirements of the specified position.

Client Interviews
After shortlisting, we schedule a meeting between the short-listed candidates and the client with proper travel arrangements and handling of reimbursement of travel expenses. The consultant asks both the client and the candidates for the feedback after every interview.

Formal Reference Checks

After client interviews, we conduct a formal reference check of the selected candidates. Our team contacts individuals / companies that are capable of providing details of the candidate's qualifications, work ethics and other relevant feedback. The comments made by these references are then reviewed with the client.

We Promise

  • To work in close coordination with our clients
  • To provide value-added expertise during and after every assignment
  • To execute each and every assignment diligently and with integrity
  • To adhere to the strict norms of the client's work culture their code of ethics
  • To thoroughly check short-listed candidates' diligence
  • To treat each and every candidate respectfully

Almondz Strength

  • High Level Screening

  • Large Data Bank (Candidates of all Levels)

  • Personalised Service

  • Direct Extension of HR Function

Client’s Benefit

  • High Quality Candidates

  • Time Saving

  • Reduce Alteration

  • Better Productivity & Cost Effective

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