TEV Study and LIE Services

TEV Study and LIE Services

TEV Study

Techno Economic Viability (TEV) is the modern barometer used by public and private agencies to evaluate all infrastructure projects. Taking into consideration the technical and financial assessments and comparing them to the economic viability as well as the technological feasibility determines the individual project recommendation for execution, modification or rejection. Stakeholders and decision makers rely on TEV for a critical, non-biased analysis of projects to determine the risk -to-reward ratios of projects.

Almondz provides TEV studies for infrastructure projects across India following a comprehensive data-backed approach.

  • 01

    Technical Feasibility

    • Assessment of the available land in use for the project.
    • Assessment of suitability and availability of infrastructure available for the activity of the company.
    • Availability of skilled manpower
    • Assessment of existing capacity
  • 02

    Market Potential

    • Present and future market scenario.
    • Assessment of marketing infrastructure available
    • The demand supply analysis
    • Competition in field
  • 03

    Financial Viability

    • Assessment of future cash flows and profitability of the project.
    • Financial viability of the unit based on the financial projections, profitability (income and costs), cash flow, IRR, DSCR, DP, MPBF etc.
    • Conduct sensitivity analysis of the project
  • 04

    Management Capabilities

    • Assessment of management capabilities
  • 05

    SWOT Analysis

    • SWOT analysis has been carried out to identify the key internal and external factors which are important for success of the project.

LIE Reports

The Lender’s Independent Engineer’s report comprises of the technical due-diligence done by an Engineering consultant for the lender. It evaluates the technical inputs like efficiency, O&M Expenses, outputs and availability against a pre determined financial model. This analysis enables the lender to verify the financial projections made by the developer.

Almondz has been engaged by institutional lenders to prepare LIE reports for infrastructure projects across the country. Our consultants start by vetting contracts for all works, this includes reviewing performance guarantees and comparing them to industry standard contract prices. Almondz also reviews the necessary approvals for the construction, adequacy of clearances and any consent, license, approval, registration, permit or other authorisation of any nature which is required to be granted by any statutory or regulatory authority or any third party for the construction, operation and maintenance of the project

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