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Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit

The Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU) is an Electro-mechanically driven Articulated Structure mounted on a vehicle (a truck) as an aid towards proper bridge inspection or similar infrastructures by enabling an inspection team of 3-4 persons carrying instruments access to the underside of bridge decks over flowing rivers or gorges, ROBs and fly overs and grade separated structures.

The Almondz team used the Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit to perform physical bridge inspection of the underside of bridge structures to assess the distress condition of the various components of the structure. It enables us to clear bushes and small trees from their roots to prevent damage in the future. Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit is also used to inspect and clean drainage spouts, expansion joints, pedestals in addition to cleaning and greasing bearings. Tests required as per the specified guidelines of IRC:SP 18 and IRC:SP 35 such as NDT and Core cutting etc are carried out using the MBIU.

Advantages Of Utilising Almondz MBUI Equipment

  1. AGICL MBIU will assist in collecting inventory data, preparing analysis of bridge condition and assessment of distress condition, preparing estimate for remedial measures wherever necessary with the corresponding methods and technique for repair and rehabilitation of the Bridges, Flyovers and ROBs, which in turns helps our clients to prepare the budget more efficiently in addition to saving life, time and money.
  2. It improves operational availability of the structure.
  3. Using MBIU will prevent downtime and enhance the life of the structure.
  4. The MBIU helps avoid the accumulation of defects, which manifest in the form of major defects at a later date, rendering the asset unserviceable for prolonged duration.
  5. It is useful for preparing a database to enable the Authorities to determine the proper maintenance schedules.
  6. The MBIU also consolidates requirements of periodical maintenance through suitable agencies/ offloading.

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