Appointment as PDMC Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project

Date: 4th December, 2020

Appointment as Project Design and Management Consultant (PDMC) Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project of Tripura Urban Planning and Development Authority (TUDA), Tripura. The consultancy assignment includes :

  • Identification of projects in long list of subprojects/projects in the five-priority sectors ofโ€“ (a) water for all, (b) stormwater drainage, (c) wastewater and septage management, (d) urban roads, and (e) urban amenities;
  • Topographical surveys, on-site geo-technical investigations.;
  • Socio-economic baseline surveys;
  • Preparation of pre-feasibility reports/conceptual design, etc. with broad cost estimation for each prioritized subproject;
  • Preparation of DPRs for the agreed subprojects and approved pre-feasibility reports, covering detailed engineering design and detailed cost estimation;
  • Evaluation of resilience of proposed investments against climate change risks, and for enhancing disaster risk resilience;
  • Economic and financial analyses;
  • Environmental and social safeguard assessments;
  • Due diligence reports;
  • Gender action planning;
  • Bid document preparation and support for procurement processing and procurement management;
  • Facilitation support to EA on securing funding from ADB and other financial resources;
  • Institutional capacity assessment, preparation of institutional reforms, institutional strengthening needs, capacity building plans, and programs on training/workshops/seminars/conferences etc., including on-the job training sessions
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