Make In India – In Pursuit Of excellence in the making

Why do we believe in the innumerable opportunity inherent in the Make in India dream? Because we at Almondz are structured towards excellence. We believe that there is no dearth of potential in this great country of ours and Make in India is to realize this inherent dream. With the launch of the scheme in 2017, it gave unprecedented impetus to the dreams of millions of Indians. This is a unique and never before opportunity for entrepreneurs in the country to transform India into a global manufacturing and infrastructure hub. Combining self-reliance, right opportunity, right infrastructure, and necessary integration with the global economy has a vast potential to take Indian business to a new level.

We at Almondz are ever fine-tuning ourselves for challenges and greater heights, and consequent to this qualitative approach our endeavor is to cater to high-end businesses particularly in the demanding areas such as Infrastructure, Information Technology Enabled Services, Manufacturing Management Consulting, where commitment to quality and timely delivery of the highest standard demands no margin of error. Our commitment is to the standards of excellence and for this Almondz is striving for absolute congruence between the demands of businesses that we cater and the human and technical capabilities that we possess.

We are at the forefront of providing consulting services and facilitating investment to multiple Infrastructure projects across India. One of the primary objectives of Make in India is to attract FDI and to promote ease of doing business by facilitating integration of Indian businesses with the global supply chain of goods and services. The scheme envisions central role of  Urban and rural Infrastructure in this endeavor. There is a perfect congruence of the business profile of Almondz and the quintessential theme of objectives in Make in India. Almondz has been successful in turnkey projects particularly in construction in railways, highways, metro projects, airports and ports with particular emphasis on high quality and adherence to timelines set by the clients.

Our endeavor has been to excel the expectation of our clients and surpass every challenge that we encounter. Our primary objective is to ensure that this country shall have the best when it comes to infrastructure and goods and services whether it is for our consumption or for the greater global community.

Almondz has its signature mark on over 100 Infrastructure projects as on date. With the Dharamsala Smart City Project and the Dehradun Smart City project, we are currently bringing sustainable development and employment avenues in these beautiful cities; enhancing their status and bringing value to the tourists and residents alike. The smart city projects envision transformation by leveraging existing road and air connectivity to encourage investment in the hospitality, sports and industry besides other areas. The project is geared to qualitatively transform transportation, sanitation and public infrastructure in these cites by employing ecologically sustainable technologies without disruption to existing ecology.

Almondz is one of the first to use state-of-the-art technologies such as aerial monitoring using drones, and RGB Multi Spectral Cameras besides others to ensure that our commitment to quality and timelines exceeds expectations.

A successful ‘Make in India’ would translate to increasing the Indian manufacturing contribution to the GDP from 14 percent to 25 percent. One of the ways to achieve this would be efficient and effective use of existing resources besides quantitative increment in investments.

At Almondz we stress on optimization of resources and capabilities on day to day basis ensuring elimination of redundancy. This primary objective of this approach is to ensure that resources are employed using scientific tools after proper planning using highest standards that are globally recognized. This not only ensures that the business does better, but also that it is empowered to become a bigger contributor to the Indian growth story.

We focus on harnessing and developing digital opportunities and using state-of-the-art technologies to create value and client delight.  At Almondz we are using an integrated approach to develop and deploy services that will aid in a sustained growth model for our clients as well as scaling up to meet the needs of a growing country.

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